Škrabec Homestead complex

The Škrabec Homestead in Hrovača is the birthplace of Father Stanislav Škrabec (1844–1918), one of the most important linguists and Slovenian language scholars of the 19th century, the founder of modern Slovenian phonology and norms of the Slovenian language.

For more than two centuries, generations of the Škrabec family lived, created and worked here, today, however, the extended complex functions as an inspiring space for meetings and gatherings at the highest level that excites and invites with its innovative fusion of tradition and vision, attentively and earnestly executed.

The Škrabec family restored the old farmhouse, adding the nearby Kersnič Smithy to the rural complex, which further supplements the programmes of the Škrabec Homestead after being renovated with new exhibitions and a gallery. Another addition to the complex is the Boštjan House, which freshens up the accommodation options of the already lively pulse of Hrovača.

Many an idea has already been conjured up in the warmth of the renovated homestead – who knows how many visions that had their offshoots here have already been transformed into reality? The cradle of tradition is a safe nest for the sensitive and at the same time daring projects of the future.